Abu Dhabi celebrates the cultural bond of India and UAE

There is nothing better and sweeter to an Indian than seeing a Non-Indian’s love towards Indian heritage and culture. And when it’s ten thousands of people gathering to show their love and respect towards India in a city like Abu Dhabi, nothing can be more prideful than this. That’s right. With the beginning India fest in UAE, Abu Dhabi turned into a vibrant venue of enchanting art, music, and cuisine of India, United Arab Emirates, and many other countries. 

This event is organized by the largest social organization of Indians in the city Abu Dhabi – The Indian Social and Cultural Centre (ISC) with a noble purpose of making the world experience the real rich heritage and culture of India. This three-day prolonged event makes the people of Abu Dhabi enjoy Indian food, music, culture, shopping, and entertainment thoroughly and also create an urge to know more about India in their minds. The United Arab Emirates is home to more than 1.75 million Indian expatriates, and the budding affection for Indian Culture in Abu Dhabi is surely a positive sign for the environment amity and peace. Many renowned artists from India come and perform here, such as magician Gopinath Muthukad, Mohammed Aslam – a renowned playback singer in Bollywood, Thaikkudam Bridge – an Indian musical band and many more to name. Apart from celebrating the talents of famous artists, this also showcases various relational cultural forms and shadow plays. This festival has not introduced the richness of Indian culture to many, but also successfully brought India closer to the rest of the world. 

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